About Feri

Feri grew up in Tehran and moved to the United States at age 18. A UC Berkeley graduate, she holds a master's degree in fine arts and brings an artist's sensibility to her professional real estate career. She started as a real estate agent in 1978, joining Red Oak Realty in the early 1980's. 

Feri describes herself as friendly and straightforward- a rarity in the business. Feri has worked in both  residential and commercial real estate- helping people from all backgrounds find their way to building wealth through the power of real estate. Feri uses both her knowledge of the Bay Area and her expereince in changing real estate markets having seen downturns and upward values for many years. "I remember when interest rates were like a credit card and even then people would jump at the opputunity to make deals. Our contracts were one page and a lot was done verbally- a very different world than today."

Feri's ability to see a home and its potential or a commerical project with huge upside potential are some of her best attributes. She uses her art background to use vision for what can be in every home or project. “I recognize that these are very different skill sets, but I find that each discipline can actually complement the other, creating a more well-rounded knowledge base.” 

Feri has spent years building her career and was overjoyed to share these expereicnes with her daughter Negar who joined her over 15 years ago and continues to lead their team. "We are very different in how we approach a transaction which allows us to really compliment each other as a team." One thing Feri says they both agree on, 
“we always encourage our clients to explore their ideas about what a house will do for them,” Feri says, “but most importantly, we keep their interests at heart throughout the entire process.” 

Feri Niroomand - Broker Associate

Red Oak Realty

1891 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

Feri Niroomand & Negar Souza
Red Oak Realty

1891 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

DRE#: CABRE# 00811861/CABRE# 01701667