About Red Oak

It isn’t a secret: buying or selling a home in the East Bay can be challenging. The market shifts quickly; neighborhoods become hot, then not; small judgement calls make big differences in outcomes.

Here, experience - otherwise known as knowing what to do -  matters a whole lot.

There are lots of ways to be a real estate company, but we think our way is best for this unique place we call home. Collaborative. Supportive. Accessible. Tech-savvy but people-focused.

When you work with a Red Oak agent, you’re getting a skilled Realtor and the confidence that comes from having an outstanding team on your side.

Our CEO, Vanessa, as smart a real estate strategist as you will find anywhere, is frequently engaged in transactions. Our COO, Aman, an advanced student of East Bay market data, delivers insights others miss. Our transaction team ensures your real estate journey is a smooth one.


Red Oak was founded in a hot tub in Albany over 45 years ago (not kidding). We don’t all fit in a hot tub anymore, but we have remained a small company by design.

Real estate is an inherently local and personal business. If decisions are made in faraway offices, and management grows distant from market nuances and the experience of clients, something is lost that we are not willing to lose.

Staying true to ourselves has gained us an outsized reputation for excellence. We have become a leading voice among independent real estate brokerages nationwide. Our executives are called upon to speak at conferences on innovation, marketing and technology. 

Yes, we’ve won some awards:

  • #10 largest women-owned companies in the East Bay (San Francisco Business Times, 2022)
  • #12 largest residential real estate brokerage in the Bay Area (San Francisco Business Times, 2023)
  • Best brokerage in the East Bay by readers of Oakland Magazine for 8 consecutive years (2015 - 2022*)
  • Inman Innovator Award nominee (2013, 2018, 2020)

And we’re the first real estate brokerage in the Bay Area to be carbon neutral and green-certified. Why? Because we stand by our values and are committed to helping our environment and our communities.



Our Team and Services

Red Oak is a firm believer that an experienced, local staff provides a better experience for clients and agents than any online service or call-in center based in another state. That's why Red Oak employs 20+ staff members, each of whom lives and works in the East Bay.

Specializing in marketing, transaction management and sales support, team members are dedicated to providing personal support to Red Oaks agents and clients.


  • When we take a new listing or help a buyer get into escrow, the Transaction Department at Red Oak Realty helps to coordinate the transaction from the initial listing agreement or contract acceptance to close of escrow.  The Transaction Department works with us to assure that all documentation is received and all deadlines are met in accordance with the California Department of Real Estate. A representative from the department will contact you as soon as we get into escrow to introduce herself and give you her contact details.  Throughout escrow this same person will contact you directly to inform you of any outstanding documentation that is needed as well as ensure that the other side is performing as necessary.  At the end of the transaction, you will receive a complete copy of the file on a CD.  The Transaction Department is an important step in providing you with a smooth experience.


  • Our staff of highly creative and intellectual individuals produces the advertising materials used to market your home for sale. The world has moved online, and a strong web presence is imperative to create the best first impression to potential buyers perusing homes on the web.  Utilizing the talents of a local, outstanding professional photographer, we will hire only the best to showcase your home beautifully. Our marketing team is also responsible for our media and public relations presence while utilizing the most effective technological and print resources to market your property for a successful sale. From the traditional outreach to the most creative, our team will dedicate themselves to making sure everything is perfect.



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